From the President's House

I thought it would be nice to write my first President’s message as a short introduction of myself to members that might not know me yet. The most important facts should come first: I’m currently owned by two Berners, “Apollo” and “MiMi.” Apollo just earned his championship and now we are getting our obedience skills ready so we can start carting. MiMi is practicing her house manners and we hope to do “real obedience” soon. I live in the East Bay and work at a veterinary hospital. I was a founding member and past president of Sierra West BMDC and I’m a founding member of our club as well. My kennel name is Alpenglow, although, I haven’t bred a litter in over 10 years. Working full time and raising puppies just don’t go together for me. I’ve owner-handled Bernese to two championships and one companion dog title. I’ve been in the breed since 1988, when “Annie” (Annie Oakley von Summit) came to live with me and my ex-husband. Of course, we fell in love the moment she came bouncing out of her crate at the Oakland Airport. Little did I know how much that little bundle of black fur would change my life! That was 20 years ago, and because of my glorious relationship with the Bernese Mountain Dog, I’ve experienced so much love, joy, and yes, even some heartaches. The most wonderful gift I’ve received from the breed is all of the dear friends I have made over the past 20 years.

I’d like to share the words our first president, Karen Erickson, wrote in her first message to the club:
“Welcome to our newly formed Bernese Mountain Dog Club! Perhaps the word which most expresses what this club means
to me is “WELCOME.” You are welcome to join in with us, you are welcome to your opinion, you are welcome to ask questions,
you are welcome to a job within the group, and you are welcome to share your admiration of the breed. We have come together
as a group of individuals who want to learn more about the Bernese Mountain Dog while having FUN.”
(Berner Beat Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2, 1996)

Karen’s words are my wish for us all as well. So, let’s learn all we can about our breed, do all we can to improve our breed, become the stewards and protectors of our breed, and have fun and enjoy our dogs and our human friends! WELCOME to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California, and thanks for being involved!

Deloris Handel

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